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        March 2023

        Silent Retreat reflections

        Our first Silent Retreat for 2023 saw us return to the  Margaret River region for three days of blissful silence – our first also at this beautiful location: Shambala.

        We often find the silence of retreat inspires something deeply connected and creative to emerge and many times this is in the form of poetry – so much in fact that we created our own book of Poetry & Quotes.

        This is what arose from the weekend for me…

        How would we see if we had no eyes, the little girl asked..’With the Heart of course’ answered the Tree, ‘your heart can hold a vision far longer than any eyes can gaze’.
        But how could we feel if we had no hands?
        ‘With our Heart of course…the Heart can sense a mother or a lover from a thousand miles without the need for touch’.
        Well, how could we hear without any ears?
        ‘Again, I tell you, it is the Heart that truly listens, the Heart tunes into the silence and hears, beyond all words, to the truth that lays behind.’
        So I guess you will tell me that the Heart smells and tastes too?
        ‘Yes, my love. The perfume of nature is always perceived first by the Heart, for it beats to the rhythm of life that creates such a fragrance to make any passerby stop and wonder.
        And what delicious morsels cooked with love are not first tasted with the Heart. Yes, it is through our Heart that we truly experience the love and beauty of this world. And when your Heart is open – the world becomes an entirely new discovery!’

        ❤ ॐ

        From our Hearts to yours – Kate & the Spanda Team



        Members FREE event – save the date
        Members… keep an eye on your email for an invite to our next quarterly FREE event – a special evening with Ava and one or two of our teachers.

        You will have the opportunity to choose between Friday, 10th March and Friday, 31st March – so Save the Date!

        Therapeutic Embodiment Facilitator Training – Last chance
        Ava has been improving last years successful initial offering of the Therapeutic Embodiment Facilitator Training.
        The course has been extended to include private mentoring as well as the 8 month online, intimate container with Ava. A group training program designed to embody the 3 part healing method; including guided practice sessions, monthly study and community connection.

        Spanda Members & Ava’s previous students are also eligible for a discount – course starts Saturday, 4th March.
        Reach out NOW if you’re curious!

        Eve’s Longform Vinyasa Workshop Series success
        Our wonderful Eve shared her humour, knowledge and passion for functional movement with 18 students (and teachers) each Sunday for 4 weeks in our first Workshop Series – it was so much fun, a great challenge and highly educational.
        Keep a look out for the next workshop series in the coming months and in the meantime – you can catch Eve teaching Pilates on Thursday’s – 7am!

        Annual Leave & Adventures
        Julia heads off on her 12mth Sabbatical to India mid-March. It’s been a wonderful treat having her cover some classes and we will miss her calming presence. All the best for this amazing adventure ahead Jules x

        Heather is enjoying 6 weeks in Japan in the snow, back on 22nd March.

        I will be enjoying participating in this month’s 7 day silent retreat in Denmark, with many of my fellow Functional Flow Trainee Teachers also attending and our lovely Tina supporting Ava as coordinator.