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        July 2023

        We’re Moving!

        Our current home has seen us through some challenging times with Covid and was perfect for us when class sizes dropped. It has been my first home as Spanda Manager and for many of you, the location of your first class as a Spanda student.

        Due to a dramatic and unexpected rent increase we have had to seek a new lease. Fortunately we have decided on a new (old) home that will be bigger, more functional and for some of you a familiar place – we’re moving back to our last home on the corner of South Terrace and South Street (north west corner of the intersection – upstairs)!

        We are fortunate to be moving just down the road 300m (2min walk) towards Fremantle and will be close to Kerfuffle and not far from Manna 😉

        We will still have bike racks and street parking; though less competition for parking spots being away from the pub and restaurants.

        We are excited about how the move will improve things for our members and students.

        What makes Spanda special is not our physical location but the energy, love, presence and ‘Spanda’ that we each bring into the space that creates the magical feeling that so many people sense and appreciate… and this we carry with us.

        Our last class at current Spanda will be:
        Sunday, 23rd July – 8am Vinyasa

        We will then be closed from 9.30am Sunday, all of Monday and Tuesday until 5pm for the move.

        Our first class at new Spanda will be:
        Tuesday, 25th July – 6pm Vinyasa
        📍 24C South Street, South Fremantle

        Reminder: if you have left behind your water bottle or any personal items, please collect these ASAP or they will be donated to charity on Monday, 17th July.

        Please reach out if you have any questions around how the move may impact you. In the meantime and as always…

        ❤ ॐ

        With love and presence – Kate & the Spanda Team



        July News & Announcements

        Holidays for everyone!
        It seems everyone wants to escape the cold of our Perth winter this year and that includes our teachers! There will be some regular covers happening in July as our teachers go on adventures:

        Anaid is off to Mexico for 6 weeks to celebrate her parents 50th wedding anniversary ❤️
        Heather and Warren have an exciting Middle East/Eastern European adventure from July to October! 🥾🎒
        Harmony, Tina and Nea each have time booked in Bali 👙 and
        Marta has a week in the Gili Islands 🤿

        Exciting Collaboration – Tummy time
        Some of you may know that our lovely teacher, Bianca, is the manager of the Cottesloe Chiropractic Centre and now offering her other expertise as a Dietician from their office.

        Some of you may also know that our equally lovely teacher, Nea, recently qualified as a Remedial Massage Therapist and is also now offering her services from Cottesloe Chiropractic Centre.

        So we are thrilled that Bianca and Nea, together with principle Chiropractor & owner, Liam, have created a wholistic digestion focussed 2hr workshop – Tummy Time – to offer through Spanda in August. The team will cover spinal health and its relationship to digestion, Yoga postures for digestion, dietetics, digestive massage, food and more!

        As Bianca says, “Food can be medicine, or a slow form of poison, and this is true not just in the actual food you eat, but also your beliefs that guide your food choices.”

        Harmony’s Retreats
        Many of you already know Harmony from her classes at Spanda and some may have attended her super popular day retreats… this month she’s offering discounts to Spanda students to attend her next events:

        Energise & Expand – a 4hr mini-retreat
        Sunday, 30th July 10.30am – 2.30pm
        📍 24C South Street (the new Spanda location)
        Click here for details & tickets – 20% off until 21st July – use the code: SPANDA20

        Revive & Reflect – 5 nights Self Discovery retreat in Bali
        Mon 4th – Sat 9th September
        📍Canggu, Bali
        Click here for details & tickets – 30% off until 28th July – use the code SPANDA30