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        June 2023

        A Wintery reflection! 

        As the seasons change, yet again and cooler days and nights are upon us, I’m reminded of one of the reasons I love living in Perth (and Freo)…
        Winter is wintery!
        It gets cold (but thankfully not too cold), wet, dark and quiet.
        It’s an invitation to turn inwards and soften…slow the pace, eat more warming foods, drink more cacao, contemplate and nourish.
        And it’s a period of endings, tying up things (like finances) before Spring brings new life and activity.

        So it’s timely that this month sees the end of our Functional Flow Yoga Teacher Training 2022 cohort which I have had the pleasure and honour of participating in and supporting since October last year.

        Along the way our group of 12 became 9 as life intervened for a few. But as a group we have bonded and formed friendships through the share experiences of learning, practicing, teaching, and for many of us a 7 day Silent Retreat!

        It’s not often you have an opportunity to spend regular weekends with like minded people being challenged and at time vulnerable as you learn new skills and appreciate new perspectives. For some of us… a new passion for teaching yoga has also emerged. Congratulations to my fellow FFYTTers – many whom you may know!: Attila, Bryce, Donna, Kitty, Kurtis, Marcella, Natalia & Shannon 🥰

        If you’re interested in deepening your yoga practice or learning to become a yoga teacher… maybe 2023 is your year!

        ❤ ॐ

        With love and presence – Kate & the Spanda Team



        June News & Announcements
        Sunrise Series Winners

        During May we ran our Sunrise Series Challenge to encourage people to start their day with breath, movement, meditation and a little challenge!

        Over 16 students regularly joined Harmony, Nea and Heather in the 6.15am Sunrise Vinyasa classes and 8 committed students attended all 12, winning a month of unlimited Yoga for FREE! Congratulations to:
        Anea, Delphine, Garth, Johanna, Kelda, Mignon, Tegan & Troy!!

        Our next Challenge will run in September – but the Sunrise Series pass of 12 classes is available every month for $99.

        Silent Retreats
        The last weekend in May saw 16 lovely souls gather for a 1 day Silent Retreat at Spanda, providing an opportunity for a day of stillness, introspection, Yin yoga and education.

        One day of silence is a great taster for our longer 3, 4 and 7 day Silent Retreats which will run later in the year.

        The next 1 day Silent Retreat will be held at nearby Sullivan Hall on Friday, 1st September. You can read more about this here: 1 Day Silent Retreat or check out the longer Silent Retreats here.

        Senaja Returns to Spanda
        Senaja is an international Breathworker, bringing more than a decade of facilitation and over two decades of Transformational studies and practice she is well equipped to hold you in your breath journey.

        We are excited to collaborate with Senaja again as she returns fresh from Bali to offer a 2hr immersion into her breathwork practice – suitable for first time breathers and experienced breathers alike.