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        May 2023

        Autumn in the Studio

        As Autumn settles in, the cooler, darker (and occasionally rainy) mornings and evenings of these transition months can challenge our resolve to venture into the studio.

        Contemplating why so many of us still love coming to class, especially at this time of year, I came up with this list:

        🍁 the filtered light through the front windows which casts a soft reflection of the Spanda logo on the walls,
        🍁 the central heating that anticipates your arrival,
        🍁 Snuggly blankets for Savasana (and Yin!),
        🍁 that grounding smell of incense that greets you at the door,
        🍁 the calm voice and supportive guidance of our teachers,
        🍁 an occasional bowl ding or collective ‘om’, and

        🍁 the little buzz of community chatting after class.

        So often I hear other’s echoing my thoughts when I might have struggled a hour or so early to get to class…
        ‘I’m so glad I came…it’s just what I needed!’

        Whatever motivates you to come to your mat, online or in the Studio during Autumn – I hope it’s nourishing and gives you just what you need!

        ❤ ॐ

        With love and presence – Kate & the Spanda Team



        May News & Announcements
        High Voltage Rolling Road Closures
        The city of Fremantle is hosting a mobile rock music event ‘High Voltage’, looping South Terrace and Marine Terrace with rolling road closures on Sunday 7th May between 1pm-6pm.

        If you are coming to 4.30pm Yin on the 7th, you may want to allow extra time for parking and a short walk. We have a map on our Community Notice Board in the kitchen or visit the High Voltage website.

        Winner Winner!!
        Our quarterly feedback / review winner has been selected at random and we are excited to announce Lindsay Wilson is our latest winner of the $100 Spanda Voucher to use on classes, events or in the Spanda Shop! Congrats Lindsay 🧡!

        Lindsay is a regular at Gentle Hatha, Yin, Myofascial Release and many events – and she has been a member with us since early 2019! So thank you for your continued support Lindsay – and for your lovely review!
        If you attend any event or class from 29 April until the end of July, and submit a review for us in Mindbody, on Google or Facebook – then you could be our next winner!
        Leave your Google Review Here

        New in the Spanda Shop
        If you have been on a Silent Retreat with Ava then you may be familiar with awakening teacher Adyashanti from his poems that are shared. We now have two more books from Adyashanti:
        True Meditation and The Most Important Thing.
        You may also have seen/heard me speak on Socials recently about the delicious smell so many notice when they come into Spanda and the various incenses we use – explaining each type and their benefits.
        As well as the old favourites (Tribe Earth, Palo Santo, Copal) we now have a new incense for sale – traditional natural incense sticks from Maroma which come in a variety of scents.

        Teacher updates
        Lovely Laura is recovering well from her knee surgery and will have some time off to convalesce. Whilst she’s out of action, her classes will be covered by Marta, Shanan (Gentle Hatha & Yin) and Nea (Yin & Myofascial Release).

        Silent Retreat dates
        We have locked in the dates for Retreats in the second half of the year – visit our Silent Retreats page for details.
        And if you’d like to dip your toe into silence before you commit to 3 days or longer, then the 1 day Silent Retreat with Ava at the end of the month is the. perfect opportunity – see below for details.