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        November 2023

        Update from Kate!

        The past few weeks in particular, I’ve been in deep contemplation over how it can feel like a personal attack when our beliefs feel threatened.

        Afterall, our truth has been shaped by our personal experiences (which feel like an extension of ourselves) and our instinct is to defend, protect and potentially even, fight back.

        Perhaps you have heard great quotes about ‘the Truth being relative’ and know on some level that your own truth has been shaped from your personal experiences.

        We may recognise that our truth is a lens through which we experience life – our own perspective…and that it has changed over time or with new/more information.

        Over the last few years The Truth about many different subjects, particularly global ones, has been the cause of much confusion, speculation and fear. In addition, the perpetual pushing of a version of Truth via the media and from politicians (for many decades) has elicited mistrust and promoted a widening gap of black and white thinking.

        The outcome of digging our heels in, protecting our truth/point of view or attacking another for their differing view often takes us further away from a goal that many are seeking… peace: to feel easeful, reduce stress, experience joy and love.

        So rather than insisting our truth is The Truth, debating, fighting, hating others for their differing truth, is it possible to:

        – ground ourselves in the present moment
        – listen with compassion (the person sharing their view is sharing their experience of life & how it has impacted them)
        – be open to hearing what their heart is speaking, without judgement
        – thank them for offering their personal truth, and
        if asked, be willing to share yours?

        Perhaps, through this way of communicating, we may all soften and embrace a little more grey and humanity.

        Sharing with you one of my favourite mantras,
        Shantipaath – Prayer for Peace:

        Sarve bhavantu sukhinah
        Sarve santu niramayah
        Sarve bhadrani pashyantu
        Ma kascit dukhabhag bhavet
        Om Shantih Shantih Shantih

        May all be happy, may all be healthy,
        May all look to the good in others,
        May no one suffer,
        Om, Peace, Peace, Peace.



        News & Announcements

        Member’s Christmas/End of Year event
        Laughter, singing, games, hugs and food are favourites of the the Spanda team and we know many of our community share these joys – which is why we are excited about our Christmas/End of year get together.

        Members have been emailed an invite – so check your Spam to be sure you’ve received it and RSVP to Kate by 19th November & save the date: Sunday, 3rd December.

        Review Competition Winner
        Drum Roll Please……
        We received a flurry of Reviews this last quarter and I’m so glad our random generator selects them as they’re all too lovely for me to chose!
        This quarter’s winner of a $100 Spanda Voucher to use in the shop, on events or memberships/classes is…
        Libby Davy!

        The next quarter begins today – so don’t forget to share your feedback as a review to be in with a chance to win! If you haven’t heard…
        When you attend a Spanda School event or retreat, we have created a quarterly giveaway to show our appreciation for your support.

        How you enter & what you win:
        1. Attend an event, class or retreat at Spanda School
        2. Leave a Facebook, Google or MindBody review about event
        3. You are now automatically in the running to win a $100 credit to use in our Spanda Shop or Studio (eg. for events or classes)!

        Mandala Project takes shape
        You may have noticed the brightly coloured mandala popping out from the wall and watched it evolve over the last few weeks. There are more sessions available for therapy (aka colouring in) and getting to know fellow community members – you can book in here or email Kate.

        New Offerings
        We have some new events in the coming months – look out for a collaboration offering from Nea with Justin Bell (Restorative & Mantra); a New Year special with Ava and Anaid (Yin, Cacao & Goal Setting); and a 4 week Beginners Yoga & Meditation Course with Ava and yours truly… to name a few!

        Silent Retreats!
        Our November 3 day retreat is full and the December 7 day event has just a couple of shared and private rooms left.
        We have also now released the dates for our retreats in the first half of 2024 – including a 1 day Silent Retreat with Ava here at Spanda in February.