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        Seasonal 1 day retreat January 31, 2022

        1 day Seasonal Retreats

        The team are collaborating to bring you 4 seasonal retreats (5hrs) during which you will be guided educationally and experientially through nourishing foods, activities and reflections in preparation for the season ahead. Each retreat will have a seasonally appropriate focus and will vary in offerings/teachers such as: yoga, meditation, massage, dietetics, Cacao, Ayurveda, creative writing & drawing and sound. All will include lunch.
        Park Yoga with Marta Fremantle December 23, 2022

        Park Yoga

        Join us on Saturday's 8-9am for Park Yoga under the trees by the lake in beautiful Booyeembara park. From 4th February you can join Marta and the Spanda community in a beautiful nature setting for an hour of mindfulness and therapeutic movement. Classes will run weekly until 29 April unless otherwise notified.
        clouds and colours September 18, 2020


        November 11, 2019

        Yoga Teacher Training Demystified

        Become a yoga teacher – what does that mean? Yoga is an interesting cultural phenomenon. It nestles many a border: between hard science & faith mysticism, autonomy & dogma, maturity & insanity, sexuality & celibacy. It includes everything, and its specific. Its a context and a history, as well as a booming modern industry. And, as in many other cases, the general public is widely uneducated and misled in regards to what the forces are that shape this industry.
        Yoga school south fremantle, sunset for the end of the year December 30, 2022

        January 2023 – A review of 2022 and HUGE news from Spanda!

        Our January 2023 edition shares our year in review as we reflect on the highs and lows of 2022 which ended with HUGE news! ❤ We also announced a price increase to Casual classes, some exciting new offerings from the team, a yoga mat repurposing charity and some new goodies in the Spanda Shop! ☞ Click to read more!
        Kate & Ava Spanda Newsletter January 31, 2023

        February 2023 – exciting offerings and a feedback review Winner

        February 2023 Newsletter News from Kate, exciting offerings from the Spanda Team and a review Winner announced
        Silent Retreat venue in Margaret River - Shambala. March 2023 Newsletter March 3, 2023

        March 2023 – Reflections from our first Silent Retreat for the year

        March 2023 Newsletter News from Kate, Reflections from our first Silent Retreat for the year
        Yoga and Meditation in South Fremantle. Mandala Community Project November 8, 2022

        Mandala Community Project

        Our mandala project was a huge success in bringing community together to create something beautiful on our blank canvas/wall.
        Ava smiling February 3, 2020

        Ava’s Story

        "Far beyond a yoga ‘studio’, I was interested in creating a space where community could grow together and to enjoy deep spiritual experiences. But the most important thing was that the growth was at home. You don’t have to leave your job, friends and family to have a deep spiritual experience on some island after hours of flights and travels, or live illegally outside of your home country. Spanda School is in the city, where you live, where you relate, where you dream, where you think. If you can realise the depth of your Being, your infinite potential and open your heart at home, you’ve immediately made your practice relevant, embodied and integrated..."
        one day silent retreat, fremantle March 26, 2023

        1 Day Silent Retreat

        Detox your mind and experience bliss in your body on this carefully crafted, transformational silent retreat.