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        September 2023

        Spring at Spanda!

        Update from Kate

        By the time you read this I’ll be in Vietnam taking my first overseas holiday since Covid began.

        I’m looking forward to being warm, catching up with friends, learning about Vietnam’s fascinating history, immersing in Vietnamese culture & food and enjoying nurturing movement and massages as I retreat with my ‘other’ Yoga crew in Hue.

        I’m the first to admit that I find it hard to practice self care on a day to day/week to week basis… which is why I’m so grateful to work at a Yoga studio where self care is encouraged and modelled so beautifully by our teachers.
        And why, for me, having a holiday away is sometimes so necessary to break out of the routine of busy-ness.

        One thing I have been enjoying more and more lately is silence…

        Adyashanti says ” Listen to the quiet spaces inside…rather than fighting with the noisy spaces”… I love this!
        I have written it on the top of my To Do list each day the last two weeks as a reminder throughout the day to just stop and listen…
        Listen out for where there is stillness, spaciousness and quiet in that moment…between my thoughts, between my breath..between my joints & movement.

        It’s also a reminder to find some quiet in my environment throughout the day: drive my car without the music on (or in my case, an audiobook), listen to the quiet spaces between traffic that passes by the studio, eat my dinner without other sound distractions!
        It’s actually rather calming and comforting!

        So, whilst it might be Silence from me for 10 days whilst I’m away in Vietnam, I look forward to sharing a fresh energy with you upon my return.

        Please note that Anaid will respond to any urgent communications and needs, and the rest will be addressed upon my return.



        News & Announcements

        Review Reminder
        If you attend any event or class from 1 August until the end of October, and submit a review for us in Mindbody, on Google or Facebook – then you could be our next winner of a $100 voucher to use in the Spanda studio (events or classes) or shop!
        Leave your Google Review Here

        Member’s Events in August
        Our members were treated to the option of two Special Sound Bath experiences recently – a quarterly membership perk!

        Cherie & Bonnie from Dear Universe (former students of our Functional Flow Yoga Teacher Training) guided an ethereal session on Friday evening with their wide range of crystal bowls and twinkling fairy lights.

        Then on Saturday, Si Mullumby grounded the group with the tribal tones of his didgeridoos and took us on a journey through time.

        We are so grateful for our wonderful members and for these truly special facilitators (and friends) for their amazing talent, energy and presence!

        New Beginnings with Teacher Training
        We’re entering the season of renewal and new beginnings so its auspicious timing for our 40hr Yin & Meditation Teacher Training and 200hr Functional Flow Yoga Teacher Training to begin.
        There are just a couple of spots left on both of these so if you are feeling inspired… apply or reach out or visit our website for more information.

        Silence calls
        For some, the silence calls to us…
        the invitation to turn inward, to switch off, to listen.
        If you are feeling drawn to quieten down and get away, join us on our Silent Retreats in the forest! – we have 3 day retreats in Margaret River – Oct & Nov and 7 days in Denmark in December… and then Peru in August 2024!!

        Mandala community project
        Many of you shared your love of the Mandala at our previous studio and we are excited to share that planning has begun to create a Mandala for the wall in our new home!  We’ll share more in next month’s Newsletter, but if you’re keen to be involved – send us an email to spandayogaschool@gmail.com. You can read and watch how the last one was created here.