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        Breathworks with Senaja at Spanda December 23, 2022

        Breathworks with Senaja

        Uniting with your heart is a 2hr immersion into breathworks with Senaja, learning the conscious connected breath practice.
        Sunrise Series vinyasa teachers September 18, 2020


        Our Sunrise Series vinyasa classes are offered 3 times per week - Mon, Wed & Fri at 6.15am. Attend any class individually at normal studio prices or as part of a membership - or - buy a Sunrise Series Pass: $119 for 12 Sunrise classes in a month. Join our next challenge in September for a chance to WIN!
        private yoga and ceremony altar in the yoga studio August 23, 2023


        Give your guests an incredible experience they will never forget, whether it is for your friends, family or your team. At Spanda we are well known for creating safe, relaxing and sacred spaces that foster connection and presence. Join us in studio, or we can visit you at home for private ceremonies and yoga events, to connect with your loved ones in a more meaningful way.
        Corporate yoga and meditation classes at Spanda Yoga School August 23, 2023


        Our tailored Corporate Yoga Classes and Events will elevate your team's well-being while fostering a stronger sense of unity and purpose.
        November 11, 2019

        Yoga Teacher Training Demystified

        Become a yoga teacher – what does that mean? Yoga is an interesting cultural phenomenon. It nestles many a border: between hard science & faith mysticism, autonomy & dogma, maturity & insanity, sexuality & celibacy. It includes everything, and its specific. Its a context and a history, as well as a booming modern industry. And, as in many other cases, the general public is widely uneducated and misled in regards to what the forces are that shape this industry.
        Yoga school south fremantle, sunset for the end of the year December 30, 2022

        January 2023 – A review of 2022 and HUGE news from Spanda!

        Our January 2023 edition shares our year in review as we reflect on the highs and lows of 2022 which ended with HUGE news! ❤ We also announced a price increase to Casual classes, some exciting new offerings from the team, a yoga mat repurposing charity and some new goodies in the Spanda Shop! ☞ Click to read more!
        Spanda Yoga school intro offer in South Fremantle April 29, 2023

        May 2023 – Autumn in the Studio & other announcements

        May 2023 Newsletter - Autumn reasons to come and practice in the studio and events and announcements this month.
        Spanda is on the move - July 2023 July 9, 2023

        July 2023 – we’re on the move

        July 2023 Newsletter - Exciting News! We're on the move, holiday class covers and new events on offer
        Kate in Vietnam, september newsletter and Spring at Spanda September 18, 2023

        September 2023 – Spring at Spanda

        September 2023 Newsletter - Spring brings holidays, sunrise series challenge and new events at Spanda
        August newsletter - new studio August 8, 2023

        August 2023 – our new Spanda

        August 2023 Newsletter - Our new home, members event and handbook, Peru Retreat and review winner....and lots of events